At Rehm, we use various manufacturing processes to produce custom seals. In addition to waterjet cutting and plotting, this also includes manufacturing with the aid of punching.

This method allows precise die-cutting and clear edges in the shortest possible time, regardless of whether a single part or an entire gasket series is to be created.

Production of flat gaskets with the aid of punching

Punching is based on mechanical principles and is a non-thermal cutting method. Using the punching force of the punching machine alone, the desired gaskets or flat gaskets are punched from our materials or gasket materials along the previously defined contours and with the help of appropriate strip steels. The punching machines at Rehm can punch very small parts from 2 mm up to max. 900 mm x 2,000 mm and up to a material thickness of 10 mm. For thicker materials up to 50 mm, waterjet cutting is suitable.

With the wide range of different gasket shapes and production parts, the stamping process enables us to produce individual contours. We realize DIN rings, sealing washers, sealing rings and frames, flange gaskets and other flat gaskets according to your dimensional specifications with the help of stamping technology.

Possible materials for punching seals

As experts in gaskets and flat gaskets, we at Rehm have a wide range of different materials at our disposal for this purpose.

All materials in stock at Rehm, such as elastomers, foamed materials such as sponge rubber, silicone, FKM and others, can be used for punching. Materials with fabric or metal inserts are also suitable for die cutting. We will be happy to inform you about the optimum choice of material.

Further information on the individual sealing materials can be found in our Materials section. Through our suppliers, we can procure other materials that we do not have in stock locally.

You can also send us your own materials so that we can stamp the desired gaskets for you on a contract basis.

Our service for you - punched seals made to measure

Benefit from our expertise in stamping technology and the resulting individual order processing. With our stamping equipment, we manufacture seals according to your dimensional specifications.

Get intouch with us. Together we can discuss your next sealing project.