Sealing materials

Below you will find an overview of the materials permanently available from stock.

At Rehm Dichtungen Ehlers you have a large selection of high-quality sealing materials.

Our extensive range of materials consists primarily of elastomers, plastics and fibers as well as foamed materials. In the course of your inquiry, we will find the right material for your project, even beyond the materials we have in stock.

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Materials for all applications

Whether you need a thermally or chemically resistant seal or the material should have a specific conformity, such as FDA or WRAS - Rehm Dichtungen stocks materials for all applications. Of course, we also stock materials for extreme applications. These are characterized by high temperature, chemical, ozone and oil resistance. We also have special sealing materials in stock for use in the food industry. Graphite gaskets, hammer mats, conveyor belts, acoustic foams, Armaflex are other materials in our stock that we can supply at short notice.

On request, we can cut the respective seals for you from the selected materials. Of course, we can also supply you with blanks for further processing by your company. You can also order entire rolls of material from us as trading goods. Please feel free to contact us.


What sealing materials are available?
We at Rehm Dichtungen Ehlers GmbH distinguish between elastomer seals, plastic seals, foamed materials, graphite seals, industrial and insulating runners, conveyor belts and fibrous materials. With the help of our various manufacturing processes, we produce your customized seals from these sealing materials.
What properties must sealing materials have?
The required properties of the gasket material depend on your desired application. Depending on your planned application, the gasket material must meet different requirements in terms of thermal, mechanical and chemical properties. We will be happy to advise you on the right material for your project.
How are the sealing materials processed?
Various manufacturing processes are available for the production of customized flat and flange gaskets as well as cut-to-size parts depending on the material, the tolerance specifications and the required quantities. Waterjet cutting, plotting and punching are used to process the gasket materials.
Can sealing materials also be self-adhesive?
To facilitate assembly, it is possible to equip almost all gasket materials with a one-sided self-adhesive film. The self-adhesive film does not contribute to a change in the properties of the base material.
Where can I find the data sheets and approvals for the sealing materials?
The data sheets and approvals of all materials stocked as standard can be found in the download area. The REACH, RoHS and TSCA confirmations can also be found in the download area.