Contract work at Rehm Dichtungen

In addition to the production of customized flat gaskets from stocked materials and the sale of commercial goods in the form of rolls and sheets, we also offer you the option of having your materials manufactured by us on a contract basis.

Manufacturing and finishing of seals

Within the framework of contract work, you provide us with your materials for production or finishing. The advantage of finalizing your sealing projects in contract work with us is that through us you have access to modern machinery and decades of know-how in the manufacture of seals of all kinds. We can plot, punch and water jet cut. Likewise, we can also produce seamless seals from your materials from individual segments as well as sleeves. As part of our industrial handwork, we can also apply chamfers to the manufactured flat gaskets.

Production of elastomer seals in large quantities

Do you already have finished seals and only want to have them refined? Then you are also at the right address with us. For example, we can equip the seals or sleeves you provide with a precisely fitting adhesive surface, sew rubber seals to other materials, or coat metal components. Our employees are experienced when it comes to complex special solutions in the sealing sector.

Our service for you

Thanks to a wide range of stocked materials for the production of flat gaskets, you can realize a wide variety of sealing projects with us. If you have your own material manufactured or finished by us on a contract basis, you can benefit from our many years of expertise in sealing technology as well as our diverse manufacturing processes.
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