Sealing technology

The term sealing technology covers various types of gaskets, depending on the intended area of application. At Rehm, you will find flat and flange gaskets in the sealing technology division, as well as sleeves and the option of individual cut-to-size and sealing materials by the meter.

Rehm specializes in flat gaskets and technical problem solutions in the field of sealing technology. Using various manufacturing processes such as waterjet cutting, plotting or punching, Rehm cuts seals and contours of all kinds to your specifications.

Gaskets made to measure and for different applications

Flat gaskets

Flat gaskets belong to the static gaskets and are used to seal two smooth sealing surfaces. Flat gaskets are pressed along the joint purely by external forces. Their task is to seal on the one hand and to compensate for existing unevenness on the other.

Flange gaskets

Flange gaskets are static flat gaskets that have a very special purpose - sealing flanges. Their use is therefore particularly widespread in pipeline or apparatus construction. Flange gaskets are the sealing element between two flanges or between the mounting surface and the flange.

Cut to size and yard goods

We offer custom-made rubber mats, sealing tapes or rubber strips.

Gasket materials that are available to us in rolls and sheets are cut to length and width according to your specifications. With our strip cutters and roll separators, we guarantee a high level of manufacturing precision.

Rubber cuffs

Rubber sleeves are special sealing solutions and can be individually hand-sheeted and glued by us.

With Rehm Dichtungen Ehlers GmbH you benefit throughout Europe

Rehm Dichtungen is a company with tradition and expertise in sealing technology. If you have flat gaskets manufactured by us, then you are automatically opting for: short production and delivery times, short-term quotation with prices in line with the market, comprehensive technical advice and online tracking of your order.