Rubber cuffs

Sleeves made of elastomers are special sealing solutions that are used in particular for rigid and oscillating pipe connections. Pipes of different nominal diameters and materials can be joined together with the help of sleeves.

Rubber sleeve

Customised cuffs

The made-to-measure production of elastomer sleeves involves a multi-stage manufacturing process. First, the roll material is cut to your specified dimensions. In the next production step, the finished cut is individually hand-sewn by one of our employees in compliance with the highest quality standards and then glued. In order to compensate for any final unevenness or protrusions, the rubber sleeve is reground after the bonding point has hardened. Depending on the application, we can produce your rubber sleeves in a conical or funnel shape.

Which materials are suitable for cuffs?

As with flat gaskets in general, the choice of material for rubber sleeves results from the intended application.

In chlorine-containing and conditionally acidic environments where operating temperatures do not exceed 100 °C, natural rubbers NR-SBR or Neoprene or CR are a good choice. For higher temperatures, we recommend Viton or FKM (up to 220 °C). Silicone rubber insulates electrically and has good resistance to weathering. We will be happy to advise you on the right choice of material for the sleeves you need.

The areas of application of rubber cuffs

Rubber sleeves are the right choice for problematic pipe transitions that convey different materials. This ensures a smooth transition without material thickening. Rigid or oscillating pipe connections within the scope of material locks, compensators or silo inlets are only a selection of the most diverse areas of application for sleeves as seals. Furthermore, sleeves are also used here, for example:

  • Packaging machines
  • Filling systems
  • Bagging plants
  • Barrel fillings
Rubber sleeve

With Rehm you benefit from experience

Thanks to decades of experience in sealing technology, Rehm Dichtungen Ehlers GmbH knows its stuff when it comes to sealing materials and flexible solutions. We always respond to individual requests and find suitable solutions - throughout Europe. Short production and delivery times, quotations at short notice with prices in line with the market, comprehensive technical advice and online tracking of your order round off our service portfolio.

Get intouch with us. Together we will discuss your next project for which you need rubber sleeves.