Production areas

Rehm is your expert when it comes to sealing materials and the production of customized and tailor-made sealing solutions. Various manufacturing, machining and finishing processes and a wide range of stocked materials enable you to realize all kinds of seals through us.

Accompanying projects, we also manufacture prototypes or initial samples up to small series for you. In the following you will find an overview of our production areas.

Manufacturing process

At Rehm, we use various manufacturing processes to produce custom seals: waterjet cutting, punching, plotting as well as industrial manual work for special shapes. In advance, you select the right material for your purposes from the materials we stock.

Waterjet cutting makes it possible to produce seals in even the smallest dimensions with the highest precision. In addition, this process is distinguished from others by the fact that it can process a wide range of different materials and is basically designed for large series.

Punching is based on mechanical principles and is a non-thermal cutting method. The desired seals are created by punching force.

With plotting, the cutting image is projected onto the material via beamer. This cutting method is particularly suitable for prototypes, individual parts and small series.

Contract work

Within the framework of contract work, you provide us with your materials for production or finishing. Through us, you thus have access to modern machines and decades of know-how in the field of sealing technology.


1. how are flat and flange gaskets manufactured?
We, Rehm Dichtungen Ehlers GmbH, are a German gasket manufacturer and produce your customized gasket using our manufacturing processes from a wide range of gasket materials. Our manufacturing processes include water jet cutting, punching, plotting and industrial manual work.
2. how do the different manufacturing processes for flat and flange gaskets differ?
The selection of the appropriate manufacturing process for the customized flat and flange gasket is based on the respective gasket material, the number of pieces, and the dimensions of the gasket. Waterjet cutting is suitable for large quantities, low tolerances and very small dimensions. Punching is a non-thermal cutting method in which the gaskets are punched out of the material using a steel strip. Plotting is suitable for prototypes as well as small series.
3. which production areas does Rehm Dichtungen offer?
At Rehm Dichtungen Ehlers GmbH, in addition to the production of flat and flange gaskets, the production areas of industrial manual work and contract work are offered.