In the following you will find an overview of our fibre materials

Fibre materials are suitable for seals in demanding environments that require mechanical, thermal or chemical resistance. Different material compositions and material variants of the fibrous materials cover a very wide range of possible applications. Depending on the quality, the fibres we stock have various approvals and certifications. The specific application, taking into account the required approval, determines the choice of the specific material.

Klingersil seals

AFM seals

Frenzelit seals

Centellen seals

We, Rehm Dichtungen Ehlers GmbH, have access to a diverse product portfolio in the field of fibrous materials, which is basically divided into three supergroups. Klingersil®, a brand name of the manufacturer Klinger, includes a wide variety of low-sealing standard and high-performance qualities, which are characterised above all by excellent resistance (e.g. temperature, mechanical or chemical resistance) in a wide variety of applications. Seals made of the various AFM qualities are used primarily in areas where high thermal and mechanical resistance is required. We also stock a large number of different Frenzelit® qualities from Frenzelit GmbH. The intended use determines the respective quality. Basically, seals made of Frenzelit qualities are mainly used in industrial applications and in the food industry.

Feelfree to contact us and discuss your next sealing project. Commission us with the production of your seal. Of course, you can also purchase larger material blanks or commercial goods from us in order to process them yourself afterwards.