Cut to size and yard goods

Our wide-ranging product portfolio includes, among other things, individual blanks, such as rubber blanks, as well as simple yard goods made of certain sealing materials.

For example, we offer customised rubber mats, sealing tapes or rubber strips.

We also provide, if desired, various sealing materials with self-adhesive film for a better grip on the mounting surface and thus ensure a reduction of the installation effort.

Production of strips and processing of elastomers

Materials for individual cutting

Almost all of our sealing materials can be used for customised blanks. These include elastomers, plastics, foamed materials, fibrous materials and other materials.

In the search for the optimum material for your blank, we will be happy to advise you and help you find the optimum sealing material from our extensive stock. In doing so, we require precise information regarding the intended use, because not every material quality is suitable for every application. Depending on the application environment, seals must be able to withstand thermal, mechanical and/or chemical stresses, or they must be physiologically harmless. A detailed overview of all materials available to us can be found here.

Precise customisation

The selected materials, which are available to us as rolls and sheets, are cut to length and width according to your specifications. With our strip cutters and roll cutters, we can guarantee high manufacturing precision. We cut large dimensions by hand, supported by suitable process-securing aids. We can realize all shapes and dimensions. We use standard technical drawing formats as templates. The blanks or rubber cuttings are manufactured with extreme precision and very low tolerances.

production rehm dichtungen ehlers GmbH Peine
production rehm dichtungen ehlers GmbH Peine

Rehm as a contract manufacturer

Do you have a material of your choice that you would simply like us to cut to size or equip with self-adhesive film? This is also possible with us, Rehm Dichtungen Ehlers GmbH. As a contract manufacturer, we process the materials you provide according to your specifications. At the same time, we also produce the desired gaskets or flat gaskets for you directly. We also take care of the finishing of yard goods, cut-to-size parts or finished gaskets as well as the application of adhesive foil.

Contactus if you need sealing materials in a specific size or if you just want your own materials cut to size.