Sealing materials for special requirements

Overview of our sealing materials for special requirements

When it comes to special sealing materials, we at Rehm Dichtungen Ehlers GmbH distinguish between the groups of heat-resistant gaskets or high-temperature gaskets, fire protection gaskets and high-pressure gaskets.

The sealing materials for special requirements include materials from the material groups elastomer seals, plastic seals, fibrous materials and foamed materials.

In addition, we also stock sealing materials for wear protection.

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Heat-resistant sealing materials are characterised by their high resistance to high temperature loads.

Our sealing materials for fire protection are materials which are classified according to DIN EN 45545 Part 2 2016-02, R22/23, HL2, HL3 or according to the fire behaviour UL94-HBF1, HF-1 or UL94-V0.

For high thermal and mechanical stresses as well as high demands on tightness under high pressures, we recommend the use of sealing materials for high-pressure seals.

Wear protection seals are primarily designed to protect surfaces that are sensitive to impact and abrasion, thus helping to extend the service life of your equipment.

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