Industrial handwork - customised seals

It is not uncommon for our customers to require gaskets or flat gaskets that exceed the standardized plate dimensions and thus require an individual solution. In industrial manual work and according to your specifications, we produce various seals in unusual shapes and dimensions for you - custom work by hand.

Gaskets made to measure

Seals in individual dimensions

Within the scope of industrial handwork, we realize seals and sleeves in a wide range of sizes and formats - with the help of various joint types such as "jigsaw" or "buttonhole", "dovetail", or shank joints. The joint types are used by us to glue several segment parts together in order to produce your desired seamless gaskets that exceed the maximum dimensions of the gasket plates. In both the dovetail joint and the buttonhole joint, the gasket is assembled from individual segments. In the case of shaping, the desired gasket or flat gasket is again produced by gluing the individual segments together.
In addition to the production of seamless gaskets and sleeves, we also offer the application of chamfers to your flat gaskets.

Our employees in industrial manual work are experienced, even when it comes to complex special solutions in the sealing area. We ensure the realization of your products in accordance with the drawings - also in contract work.

Dimensioning, application areas and materials

Almost all gasket materials can be used for the production of large or seamless gaskets. In the first step, the segments are cut to size at Rehm Dichtungen Ehlers GmbH using our plotting, punching and waterjet technology manufacturing processes. The individual segments are then bonded together by means of individual manual work. Each segmentation represents a weak point if it is not executed precisely. For this reason, we apply the highest quality standards.

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Rehm Dichtungen is a company with many years of experience in sealing technology. Benefit from our expertise and our competent team around the topic of seamless, beyond standard dimensions, seals and industrial handwork.

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