High-pressure seals for high thermal and mechanical stresses

When it comes to high-pressure gaskets, we at Rehm Dichtungen Ehlers GmbH are talking about special sealing materials that can withstand the high demands placed on the tightness of flat gaskets under high pressures. For this reason, we offer a range of different gasket materials that are suitable for dealing with high pressure loads and thus belong to the gasket materials for high-pressure gaskets.

Available sealing materials for high-pressure seals at Rehm Dichtungen Ehlers GmbH

For the production of your high-pressure seals, you can select the appropriate sealing material from our various fiber qualities, depending on the respective application. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right material, specifying the application. To simplify the assembly of your manufactured flat gaskets, we can equip the gaskets with a self-adhesive film.

Our fibre qualities include a wide range of fibres from the manufacturers Klinger, Frenzelit, Reinz and Hecker Werke. For further information on the individual fibres, please click on the buttons below.

The properties and advantages of high-pressure seals

High-pressure gaskets are used to seal two flat surfaces that are pressed against each other by external forces. Another advantage is that this form of gasket, which can be either flat gaskets or flange gaskets, compensates for unevenness and is resistant to high pressures. In principle, high-pressure gaskets exhibit high resistance. In addition, flat gaskets or flange gaskets made of these gasket materials are low-wear.

Areas of application for high-pressure seals

The classic field of application for high-pressure seals is pneumatics/hydraulics or mechanical engineering in general. Due to the chemical resistance of the fibres, application in the chemical industry is not excluded.

We will be happy to tell you which sealing material is suitable for your high-pressure seals. Please contact our customer service, who will provide you with comprehensive advice.


What are high pressure seals?
High-pressure seals result from sealing materials for special requirements and are characterised above all by their high pressure resistance.
Can high-pressure seals also be equipped with self-adhesive?
Yes, sealing materials for this type of application can be equipped with basic self-adhesive. For this purpose, the unprocessed sealing material is first bonded with a self-adhesive film in order to subsequently produce your self-adhesive flat gaskets or flange gaskets.
In which forms can high-pressure gaskets be obtained from Rehm Dichtungen?
Just as with all our gasket materials, we can manufacture the right gasket for you using our various manufacturing processes - water jet cutting, plotting, punching. In addition to the manufactured high-pressure gaskets, we can also cut the gasket material to the desired length and width. Finally, you can also purchase the sealing material from us as unprocessed yard goods for your own production. All sealing materials available from us can also be equipped with self-adhesive on one side.